• 23 Years On, We Remember

    Posted 7 July 2011 by Admin

    1988: Disaster in the North Sea The ill-maintained and overloaded North Sea oil rig Piper Alpha was destroyed in a fire which also killed scores of workers . Leaking gas on the Occidental Oil drilling platform ignited late in the evening of 6 July 1988, causing a devastating blaze in which 167 of ...

  • Life Offshore In Gabon

    Posted 5 July 2011 by Iain MacInnes

    Still coming to terms with being spoiled in the North Sea for over 6 years, so coming back to Gabon West Africa was some what of a culture shock! Lets just say you North Sea Tigers are spoiled rotten in more ways that one !!!

  • Oil Spill Stories

    Posted 4 July 2011 by Kenja San

    Honestly, recent news of oil spills are much alarming than of Gulf Oil spill for the last years. The blow-by-blow turn of events are just insane, that I even forgot to write my assignment or an essay about the oil industry.   Oil spill news should be adressed as one of the national concerns ...