• Xmas swallie

    Posted 3 January 2012 by Stu Turner

    Had a major league swallie with Drew and Martin down in Largs, brilliant!

  • Christmas Offshore

    Posted 24 December 2011 by Iain MacInnes

    Offshore For Christmas   Well it's Christmas Eve and I am jammed out here in the middle of the North Sea!!!! No point it mopping around, just got to get on with it and join in withh the entertainment that has been organised by the catering crew It was work today as normal and we managed to ...

  • Offshore For Christmas

    Posted 11 December 2011 by Iain MacInnes

    Well I am getting my depressed head on as I pack my bag to spend my Christmas offshore, which is never easy but is part and parcel of the job. Getting your few wee Christmas presents opened at Check-In usually sets the mode for the flight ahead. Not getting to see my little girls face on Christmas d...

  • Charity Night - Gone Bad !!!

    Posted 29 November 2011 by Iain MacInnes

    True Funny Story I am working offshore Aberdeen with a young guy who told me a very funny wee story that I feel I must share. He was recently invited to a Charity Ball in Aberdeen with some rather affluent people. The champagne was flowing and he was taking full advantage of the free wine provide...

  • Safety Presentation Video

    Posted 24 November 2011 by Admin

    “Remember Charlie" Safety Video   I have just watched in my opinion the best safety presentation video ever!!!! It is called “REMEMBER CHARLIE” It’s about an American operator who works on a refinery and is involved in a major incident while working nightshift. I am...

  • Offshore Working Time Directive argument continues

    Posted 26 October 2011 by Admin

    Today, the BBC ran an article on the row over the Working Time Directive.   Well folks this agument has been dragging on for years!   The RMT having been fighting for the oil workers for years and show that they fully intend to take it all the way   Jake Molloy, from the RMT uni...

  • Drug Screening

    Posted 9 October 2011 by Iain MacInnes

    OFFSHORE DRUG SCREENING Only last month at Scotia Heliport a random drug test was carried out on all personnel that had checked in @ 16:00hrs heading for a Total asset. Two contractors failed the drug test and were instantly sacked on the spot!!!! I know both of the guys that failed the test and ...

  • The Truth Hurts !!!

    Posted 17 September 2011 by Iain MacInnes

    This made me laugh !!!   Right yous 4-20mA f#cks ..finally here it is! The Truth about  Sparkies vs Tiffys Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on pigs and magpie geese during the wet and would go to the coast and live on berrie...

  • Workover Coming To An End !!!

    Posted 23 July 2011 by Iain MacInnes

    Well thats another week in ;) 3 down and 2 to go !!! Cudd have just about finished another workover, delay with the new downhole pump entering the country. Busy few days ahead when they rig down and we put everything back together and go for a start on the new pump. This well is a big gas produce...

  • Fish Go Mad !!!!

    Posted 8 July 2011 by Iain MacInnes

    Well last night the fish around the rig were going nuts !!!!! Hundreds of them and I mean hundreds, baracuda, red snapper, yellow fin, you could hardly see any water between them. Tried to take a photo but it just came out black :0( It was like the scene out of Nemo when Dory asks the fish for di...