• The North Sea Virgins

    Posted 3 September 2012 by Ted Maskell

    The North Sea Virgins   Well, we have done all our courses Got our BOSIET and MIST Medical complete, that's them all ticked on our lists   Induction day booked Another plane from Heathrow To that far away city That we will all get to know   New friends seen on the hori...

  • New Starts Offshore

    Posted 31 August 2012 by Master Bates

    From what I see we have alot of new members who are North Sea Virgins, so I am going to give them a few pointers to help break them into their new way of life.   You will need to develope the native North Sea Tiger tongue, "I have just been bumped" - this means that you have b...

  • The North Sea Tiger

    Posted 14 July 2012 by Admin

    The North Sea TigerIt ways heavy, upon the heart,Leave the loved ones, make a start,The Granite City, by iron road,.. ... Hide the tears, shoulders broad,On through Bucksburn, to Heliport,Now long behind, your family fort,The doors swing open, the bodies’ sittin’,. Sombre faces, wait for...

  • Why Does Safety Always End up Taking a Hit for money?!!!

    Posted 23 June 2012 by Scott Robertson

    Being a proactive participant in ensuring myself & my colleagues all go home safe & sound, there is one question that I CANNOT understand, so maybe you can help?  WHY oh WHY when things are going well, Safety has improved on installations & within a companies beyond recognition, do they decide ...

  • Pound For Piper

    Posted 30 May 2012 by Lisa Brown

    Hi Guys, As you may be aware Sodexo Remote Sites on the COSL Rival has begun a campaign to regenerate and maintain the memorial monument and gardens in Hazelhead Park, Aberdeen, that were erected in rememberance of the victims and survivors of the Piper Alpha tragedy. It has been called Pound for P...

  • Offshore Rules

    Posted 29 May 2012 by Master Bates

    Well the offshore worker is a strange beast, what makes me qualified to comment you may ask? Having worked in this industry for over 30 years I have met them all. An aging workforce where the average age is now 46 and more and more of the old dinosaurs keep going on after 65 which frightens me. Ma...

  • Getting a start offshore

    Posted 4 April 2012 by joseph brennan

    Still new to this sector having only been offshore since Dec 11. But would like to share what I did and how long it took me to anyone still trying to get that critical first start thats so hard to come by.   I started the normal way of asking all my friends who have been offshore for years wh...

  • My Diet

    Posted 14 March 2012 by Iain MacInnes

    It was time to shed a few pounds !!! My jeans and shirts were getting tighter & tighter and the belly and man boobs were growing over the last few years. They say that when you get married you put on a stone and having your first kid adds another, which was the case for me.I ate with my wife w...

  • Xmas swallie

    Posted 3 January 2012 by Stu Turner

    Had a major league swallie with Drew and Martin down in Largs, brilliant!

  • Christmas Offshore

    Posted 24 December 2011 by Iain MacInnes

    Offshore For Christmas   Well it's Christmas Eve and I am jammed out here in the middle of the North Sea!!!! No point it mopping around, just got to get on with it and join in withh the entertainment that has been organised by the catering crew It was work today as normal and we managed to ...